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Lakehouse As Patient Zero

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Lakehouse As Patient Zero

Screened porch at 138 Eiland Drive - one of my current listings.

Recently I had a little fun with this post inspired by an entry on Finding Home, McAlpine Tankersley Architecture’s blog.

In the ensuing social media commentary, Bryan Jones (friend and also a Lake Martin architect who gets it) made this remark about the home in question:

Bobby’s first house was patient zero for personal lake life aspirations.

Bryan’s comment got me thinking. I wonder if anyone else had patient zero thoughts with their Lake Martin house?

For instance, my wife’s family has a home on a little lake in the southernmost yankee state. My favorite spot in that home is the screened back porch. I like to sit out there, read, watch the birds and the water, and enjoy a cold beverage. In fact, the whole day basically begins and ends with some hard core, radical, freestyle porch sitting. When we moved to a new (to us) home “in town” – I realized that I had a screened back porch that we were not utilizing much at all. If we enjoy it so much at their lake, why not at home?

Screened porch at 138 Eiland Drive - one of my current listings.

Screened porch at 138 Eiland Drive – one of my current listings that’s 5 minutes from Alex City.

I know that it seems pretty obvious. Who doesn’t like a screened porch? But we were just not paying much attention to ours at home. Since then, we have added some furniture, painted it, fixed the door, and we really use it now.

What about you?

Have you had a feature in a home at the lake that inspired you to make a change in town?

Or if you don’t own a Lake Martin home, but have dreamed about one, has a vacation home inspired a change at your current pad?

If you’re ready find your own Lake Martin home to experiment with, give me a call at (334) 221-5862, email me at [email protected], or click here.  I do Lake Martin real estate 100% of the time and I’d love to be of service to you.