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Wanted: Chain Smoking Secretary

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June 13, 2013
Tracking the Lake Martin Homebuyer
June 20, 2013

Must be a loose director.

Apply at downtown Kowaliga, better known as 8424 Kowaliga Road, Suite A, Eclectic, Alabama.

I was inspired to make this crucial hire after I read the hilarious post entitled “Lake Cabin Fever” over at Finding Home – the blog of McAlpine Tankersley Architecture.

Photo by http://mcalpinetankersleyblog.com/

It’s the story of the construction of Bobby McAlpine’s first Lake Martin home. It’s a funny tale, which, at its heart, is an expression of love for Lake Martin.

I am tempted to make a real estate lesson out of this post, about how things have changed from not-so-long-ago, or how I wish I had a mobile real estate van, or even a sassy, brassy secretary that everyone had to endure, or gush even more about their company, one of my favorite in a very short list of favorite architecture firms, but I won’t.

Photo by http://mcalpinetankersleyblog.com

Instead I will follow the advice of Stephen King when he wrote the forward to Lord of The Flies, that, when in the presence of a masterpiece:  “just inhale first, analyze later.”

If you’ve never browsed through their blog, go forth and enjoy. It’s a Pinterest play land. They (read: Greg) do a great job with social media.

Government do take a bite

..as spoken to HI McDunnough – “Gubmint do take a bite, don’t she?”