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How To Walk Thru a Lake House Without Leaving Your Sofa

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April 3, 2018
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How To Walk Thru a Lake House Without Leaving Your Sofa

I have a confession to make.

As a real estate agent here at Lake Martin, sometimes I forget what my listings look like.

Well, at least on the inside. I am fairly good at remembering homes from the waterfront. When people ask me about my listings and others that might have sold ten years ago, I will strike out if they give me the color of the kitchen cabinets, but usually I can guess it if they describe the waterfront.  Maybe I’m getting old but I do see lots of houses and I can’t always remember if the master bedroom has an exterior door to the deck or if the laundry room is upstairs or downstairs of if there is an island in the kitchen. When the buyer is asking about a home I currently have listed, it can be embarrassing if I can’t immediately answer.

So how do I refresh my memory and save my reputation? No, I don’t have a fancy viewer like Captain Kirk.

I take a look at the 3D virtual tour of my listing. On both the listing page on my website and on the listing page on MLS there are always 3D tours. So I can quickly navigate and take a look at my listing as if I am actually standing in the living room! I will grant you, the real estate industry has been claiming “virtual tours” are helpful for years. I have not seen a truly helpful one until I started using Matterport 3D Tours. I do one of these for each and every one of my listings here at Lake Martin.

It is like being given a key that I can use 24/7 to see the property! Navigate as you want with realistic walkthroughs and experience that feeling as though you are really there. It’s easy! It is especially helpful on Lake Martin because our average buyer is coming from three hours away. The 3D tour gives them the ability to walk through the home before they ever come to the lake – saving precious time when they are able to physically come to Lake Martin to view homes. My sellers love them, too, because 3D tours are yet another tool I can use to make their home stand out from the competition.

So give it a try – click on the play arrow on one of the 3D tours and see how easy it is to walk through a Lake Martin home without leaving your sofa. It is the next best thing to being there.