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Lake Martin Island Map – there’s an app for that!

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January 9, 2019
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Lake Martin Island Map – there’s an app for that!

I would like to thank the Lake Martin Voice reader that sent me the below question.

Question: We have been Lake Martin lovers for many years so we know the Lake well but have never been able to pinpoint the islands. Is there a Lake Martin map of the islands?

Answer: Yes – there is a map of 39 Lake Martin islands here – But to be more helpful I plugged some (not all) of the more popular islands into my free Lake Martin Voice app. Click here for a link to where you can download it on Apple or Google.

Once you have the app loaded click to the “Fun” button and then click “Landmarks” – you will have a list there.

If you agree to share your location, you’ll see your own location as a blue blip on the screen’s map.

My goal was to help folks that are in front of an island and wonder, “…which one is that?” Also to help those that want to be able to navigate, to say, Sand Island. They can see where they are on the Lake, and also where the island is located.

I’ve included a screen shot above to show what it looks like on your phone.

That being said, I have learned that coding by lat and long is really buggy. So if any of you see that one of my island markers is off, please contact me through my website or email me at – [email protected].