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Design Guidelines at Kennebec on Lake Martin

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February 12, 2020
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February 18, 2020

Kennebec is a waterfront development on Lake Martin, Alabama. Like many neighborhoods, it has a set of Design Guidelines to insure consistency and quality of home design and construction.

Kennebec on Lake Martin has an architectural review board (ARB), which will review plans you might have or want to submit and determine the best course of action. Their duty is to compare plans to the Design Guidelines and provide feedback or conditional approvals and ultimately approval to proceed.

Please take a minute to listen to Jason Dunham of Nequette Architecture and Design describe the ARB at Kennebec. Nequette is the architecture firm that wrote the design guidelines and design principles for Kennebec.


Would you like to know more about Kennebec on Lake Martin? I would love to talk with you about this new development. There are still plenty of really nice lots available. Please see my neighborhood page here or give me a call at the number at the top of the page!