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Should you look at lots at Lake Martin in cold weather?

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Are you looking for waterfront lots that are for sale on Lake Martin?

If you are reading this in the winter time, please don’t think you have to wait until warm weather to go and look at lots.

In fact, I really love looking at lake lots during colder weather. I shot the above video back in November to tell you why right now can be a great time to look for your perfect lot.

John’s 3 reasons you should look at waterfront lots on Lake Martin in cold weather:

  1. There are no mysteries with the lake bed. Wherever the waterline is I know it’s going to be five feet deeper when the summer pool comes in so it’s really easy to measure and know exactly how deep the lake will be.
  2. Cooler weather. This is Alabama. It gets pretty hot and so walking lots in the summer can be rough.
  3. A lot of the crowds are gone. I can take my time to look around and know that there aren’t crowds to fight looking at lots.

I happen to have shot this video in November, 2019, at a neighborhood called Kennebec on Lake Martin. I’d love to help you find a lot at Kennebec or anywhere else on Lake Martin!

Please give me a call or text me at the number at the top of the page.