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What to do after a Home Inspection

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August 10, 2020
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So you’ve made an offer on a house or condo at Lake Martin, included a home inspection contingency in your contract and the offer was accepted – what’s next? Hire a professional home inspector!

The home inspector will prepare a detailed inspection report for you. Be sure to ask the inspector to explain anything in the report that you don’t understand.

Review the report with your real estate agent. Now is the time to be sure the condition of the house meets your expectations!

Take a look at a video I made recently (see above) for more about Home Inspections.

I’d love to help you out if you have any questions about real estate at Lake Martin. My name is John Coley and I am the broker / owner of Lake Martin Voice Realty I am a full time real estate agent here at Lake Martin. I sell homes, lots and condos on all areas of the lake. Feel free to give me a call or text me (334) 221-5862.