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Where is Chimney Rock on Lake Martin?

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February 3, 2021
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Chimney Rock is one of Lake Martin, Alabama’s, most famous natural landmarks. Located on an island with huge rock bluffs, it’s a popular gathering spot for boaters.

The easiest way to find it is to download my free app that is called “Lake Martin Voice.” Just search for it and download it from your app store. Once you download it, go to “Fun,” then “Landmarks.” Scroll until you find Chimney Rock, then view it on the map. If you shared your location, you can easily guide yourself right to it.  I created the app because I sell real estate full time here at Lake Martin. I would love to help you sell or buy waterfront property.

How to find Chimney Rock on Lake Martin

Chimney Rock is located on an island so there is no way to drive to it by car. If you are looking at a map of the lake, find Martin Dam. It is on the south edge of Lake Martin, near the center. If you look to the north east about 2 miles, you will find it.

Many people mistake Chimney Rock for Acapulco Rock. Acapulco is the tallest one that people (dangerously) jump off of. On the same island with Acapulco is Chicken Rock, which is about 20 feet high and more of a kid friendly jump. The real Chimney Rock is actually one island over to the west. If you look up high and to the left on the island, you’ll see a rock that looks just like a chimney, hence the name. But, over the years we have taken to calling the entire area “Chimney Rock” so I guess I should not split hairs.

The Closest Marina to Chimney Rock

The absolute closest marina to Chimney Rock is The Ridge Marina which is owned by Russell Lands. It is inside their development called The Ridge.

Since Russell Lands owns it, they have full gas storage, service, retail, etc. It is a huge marina. But I am not sure how many non-marina customers that they allow to launch their boats there. If I were to try and launch from a marina, I would go to Anchor Bay (see below).

The Closest Public Boat Ramp to Chimney Rock

If you want to launch your boat and go hang out at Chimney Rock, then the easiest thing to do I think would be to launch at Union Boat Ramp. It is located off of Centerport Road.

The Closest Usable Marina To Chimney Rock

If I were to launch from a marina, I think I would use Anchor Bay Marina. They have a public boat ramp, parking (though limited), and they sell gas. Also, most of the time during the summer they have a food truck there, so you can get something to eat if you’re hungry.

Please be safe at Chimney Rock

Please be safe anywhere on Lake Martin, especially at Chimney Rock. It tends to be the most crowded spot on the lake. Jump at your own risk. Every year there are injuries to jumpers. There have even been fatalities over the years. Because there are no roads nearby, there is no easy way to get people to emergency help. Even if you don’t plan to jump, use idle speed in your boat. Stay as far away from other boats as you can. Have fun but please use some common sense.