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Review of the Halo Dog Collar

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August 9, 2022
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August 23, 2022

The saying goes, “Good fences make good neighbors.” At Lake Martin we all want to be good neighbors and I think this saying applies to our dogs too.

Last summer we purchased a Halo Dog Collar for our new dog, Rico. These collars use GPS and not wires to help you manage your dog in a “fenced” area.  Using the Halo app to program a virtual fence, like the electric underground fence, your dog receives a beep or vibration when it gets near the boundaries. These sounds or stimuli can be customized to what works best for your dog.

Watch the video above for Rico’s experience with the Halo collar. He’s not completely convinced to give it a 5 star rating yet and neither am I. In fact, since I made this video I have decided that Halo was not a good fit for us. It definitely did not work on our lake lot and even “in town” where we have less trees, a stronger cell signal, on a one acre lot, it was spotty. We decided to get a “Mini Educator” and it works a lot better for our needs. I think the Halo is a great idea, it just needs more development.

Evidently I am not alone in my interest in a Halo type collar. The posting of my review of the collar on YouTube received over 48,000 views since posted a few months ago! It is by far my most watched video! And I am still receiving comments thanking me for making the video.

I don’t sell these collars (maybe I should invent one myself); I sell real estate at Lake Martin. If you need help with buying or selling at Lake Martin give me a call or text 334.221.5862 or email [email protected].