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Celebrate National Coffee Day at Lake Martin!

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September 22, 2022
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Celebrate National Coffee Day at Lake Martin!

I love coffee!!

I am one of those that has a cup (or three) every day when I am working from home. If I am riding around Lake Martin, I have been known to grab a cup in the afternoon, just to keep me alert. ):

Apparently, September 29 is National Coffee Day. I say apparently because it is also the birthday of an extreme important person in our home and so our attention is usually on her that day!

For the celebrants, I thought I would highlight just a few of the better places around Lake Martin to grab a cup of coffee or a fancy latte. These are in no particular order except geographical.

Restoration 49 – Tallassee – if you are on the south side of the lake, or driving through, Restoration 49 is a can’t miss coffee shop. Located in downtown Tallassee, it is in a cool restored building staffed by a friendly, caring crowd. Many a time has a tasty latte from there restored my focus!  Plus, as a bonus, their upstairs neighbor is EPOCH MVMT – a functional fitness gym that is a perfect spot to drop in and do CrossFit style workouts if you are visiting the area.

Nirvana Latte– located on the east side of Lake Martin, Nirvana Latte is an easy drive from just about every lake house with a Dadeville address. My go to move at Nirvana is to bring in my own cup (that fueled me from home) and let them top me off with more joe. They also have a good breakfast selection. I recommend their biscuits!

BRU 63 – they are the newest of this list. If you have ever been to Catherine’s Market in Russell Crossroads, then you can find BRU 63. They have built themselves out a corner in the old interior dining room of Catherine’s. You can park out front and walk through the market, or you can park out back and walk straight in to BRU 63. They have the most starbuck-y vibe of the three, with lots of stainless steel and bright windows. They are a welcome addition to the Kowaliga side of the lake’s quality coffee scene, heretofore populated only by C-store mega carafe caffeine.

If you are looking for other coffee spots, or Lake Martin area restaurants in general, the easiest place to find them is our FREE Lake Martin Voice app. We have curated all of them in one app, with their hours of business, menus, and locations.

Please download it, mostly because it is FREE!

And yes, it’s ok to drink a fifth cup of coffee today. No one is counting.