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You Should Insist that Your Realtor Does This

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January 10, 2023
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February 2, 2023

Why should you care if your realtor shoots a cool video of your Lake Martin home?

Aren’t real estate videos just shiny toys that agents use to act like they are doing something?

Well… maybe some agents use them like shiny toys.

I have been using YouTube to help my clients since 2007, and I can tell you that without a doubt it is a huge advantage to my sellers and buyers alike. I have been super blessed to have my channel, Lake Martin Voice, grow to be the #1 real estate resource on the web for the lake.

I constantly hear questions such as “Where on Lake Martin is this home?” and  “Is the lot near Peanut Point, Chuck’s, Chimney Rock, etc?” We are in a rural area that is not well documented and so buyers naturally have a lot of questions that even Google can’t answer. I create videos to address those questions. All property listed for sale benefits from the best marketing and deserves the best marketing available.

Our full or overall videos show you all aspects of the lake home – aerial views, views to the lake, views from the lake, street view, the porch view, the view of the porch, the outbuildings, the boat dock, boat house, pier AND all the interior spaces. We also include a map that shows nearby landmarks, restaurants and marinas to help you get a feel for the property before you ever leave home as well as some shots of those landmarks, restaurants or marinas.

Let’s face it, knowing the location on the lake is the first step in helping buyers look for their Lake Martin home. And helping buyers helps sellers get the best offer for their property.

That’s why, if I were a potential seller of waterfront property on Lake Martin (or anywhere in the world) I would insist that he or she shoot a great video of the property.

The next trick is making sure that the right potential buyers see the video. But…. that’s a subject for another day!