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List Of Lake Martin Waterfront Foreclosed / REO Property

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List Of Lake Martin Waterfront Foreclosed / REO Property

If you want a list of Lake Martin foreclosed waterfront property – including homes and lots – for sale, please use the form that is linked below.

Click here for Lake Martin Waterfront Foreclosures

Thanks to reader K.L. that requested a list like this today.  It caused me to go into the Lake Martin MLS and update my list of foreclosed (REO) property.  It might not be a perfect list, but it’s the best one I’ve got.  So if you would like to see it, please fill out the form above and I will email you a link to a report I have created on the Lake Martin MLS.

FAQ About Lake Martin Waterfront Foreclosures List

Q1. Why can’t you just post a list here of what lots or homes are foreclosed? Why are you making me fill out a request form?

A1. OK but that’s really 2 questions.  A few reasons:

a. These homes and lots are from the Lake Martin MLS and are not (necessarily) my listings.
b. This list constantly changes and it would be a hassle to update and edit an HTML page.  It would be wrong almost as soon as I hit “Publish.”
c. The Lake Martin MLS allows me to create a “Listing Cart” to house them all, and I can add and subtract as I see changes within the MLS.

Q2. What will you do with my email address after you send?

A2. I will keep it and send you a monthly (or so) email about Lake Martin, unless you tell me you don’t want that.  I do not spam nor do I give, sell, buy, or receive email accounts from anyone or any other company.  My poodle will steadfastly guard your address; any trespassers will receive the full wrath of the horrible breath inexplicably produced by his 6.5 pound body.

Q3. Are Lake Martin foreclosures so special? Do I really need you? Why can’t I go to the huge sites that show the entire country’s foreclosures along with ads for lifestyle meds and “secret” celebrity diet plans?

A3. Yes, we’re special in that Lake Martin is made up of 3 rural counties in east central Alabama.  There is virtually zero online newspaper coverage of legal notices or foreclosures. The huge aggregator websites pick up information that is old, inaccurate, and many times, not waterfront.  More Lake Martin specific foreclosure explanations here.

Q4. I’ve seen your list and it’s wrong.  I know for a fact my [neighbor, friend, relative, insert any noun] had their waterfront home foreclosed on Lake Martin, and it’s not on your list.  Why?

A4. This list only shows you what is actively for sale right now. If a waterfront home was foreclosed last year, and sold three months ago, it won’t be on the list anymore.  Similarly, if the foreclosure has gone through, and the lender has not placed it with a real estate agent yet, it won’t be on the list (yet).  Let me know if you see any errors, I will be happy to correct.

Q5. Do you sell Lake Martin foreclosures?

A5. Absolutely. If you would like me to send you only my foreclosed waterfront listings, let me know.  If you are a lender or some other institution that needs help selling, please contact me and I would be delighted to help and tell you about the specific program I have set up to help lenders manage their foreclosed properties.

Q6.  Where do you get your information?

A6. The Lake Martin MLS, mostly.  You can search it for free from my blog. All Multiple Listings Services are run by humans and therefore contain errors.  The listing agents for each property are the only ones authorized to input info about that property.