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Lake Martin Tornado Damage In Windermere: Before And After

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May 5, 2011
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May 10, 2011

Lake Martin Tornado Damage In Windermere: Before And After

The tornado directly hit the Windermere subdivision on Lake Martin, making it one of the most affected waterfront areas on the entire lake.

The tornado, now rated as an EF-4, traveled northeast from Children’s Harbor, crossed the Kowaliga Bay section of Lake Martin, and ripped through Bard’s Lane and the entrance to the Ridge before hitting Windermere, especially the Windjammer point section.

I recently sold a home on Windjammer, so I had some “before” photos and video in inventory to contrast against the tornadic destruction. Here’s a video that I made:

My friend and fellow Lake Martin realtor Mimi Rush was blessed to have survived the tornado in Windermere while crouching in the closet with her 5 year old and her husband.  Here’s a link to a good video by the Montgomery Advertiser of her explaining the ordeal.

How to Help Victims of the Lake Martin Tornadoes

Not all of the victims of the Lake Martin tornadoes were those with comfortable second homes on the waterfront with plenty of insurance. In fact, the most affected areas are the blue collar communities surrounding Lake Martin.

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