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Anchor Bay Marina & Harbor Docks Restaurant on Lake Martin

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Anchor Bay Marina & Harbor Docks Restaurant on Lake Martin

Anchor Bay Marina is a full service marina on the south side of Lake Martin.  It’s part of Singleton Marine Group, and has all the usual features: dry storage, wet storage, boat sales, gas, service center and a ship’s store.  So if you’re close to Chimney Rock, or heading east of Kowaliga Bridge, it’s your place to refuel and buy treats for the kids.  (It used to be called Castaway Island Marina for those who haven’t been here lately.)

Anchor Bay Marina is close to my office and our family cabin, so I often find myself there.  A couple of weeks ago, (I think it was the end of September), I was there on a weekday.  We were going out on the boat to do a little filming of some neighborhoods from the water when  I started having trouble with the starter on my boat.  Yikes.

Since we had to be back to town to pick up the kids from school, I didn’t want to risk it.  Solution –> rent a boat from Anchor Bay!  They already had one gassed up and ready to go.  It cost me no down time, and was so convenient that I shot the above video out of pure gratitude.

Another thing that makes Anchor Bay unique is that  Harbor Docks Restaurant is tucked away in the back.  Drive up by car or by boat, and enjoy a casual menu (pizza, fried seafood) either outdoors or in the air conditioning.  It’s kid friendly, and they’ve been known to have live music on the outside deck.

This year’s Indian Summer afforded us several Sundays in a row after Labor Day where we went for boat rides.  We made a habit of hitting Harbor Docks for supper, on the way back home. Not having to fix food and clean up = Mommy likee.