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Niffers Place at the Lake – LOTS of Fun for All

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Niffers Place at the Lake – LOTS of Fun for All

Continuing to reminisce about our Spring Break at Lake Martin, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our stop at Niffers Place at the Lake for lunch.  Party of 13 with 7 kids.

If you’re an Auburn fan, then the Niffers in Auburn is a familiar, if not sentimental burger stop.

Niffers Place at the Lake is its Lake Martin counterpart – on the east side of the lake, just south of the Highway 49 bridge by Blue Creek Marina.  It’s not an on-the-water restaurant, so you need to come by car, but it’s what we in real estate call a “water-view” location. It is the definition of a family friendly restaurant.

The menu is American with burgers, wings, nachos, etc., but what sets Niffers apart, in my opinion, is their effort to make it fun.  Take the hula hoops that were quickly delivered to our table, and the incentives we were ALL offered to give them a try.  The kids were promised popsicles for cleaning their plates, and what could been just another lunch stop was turned into a very memorable event.  That simple meal ended up being a highlight of our week.

The food is good, too!

They had a new IPA that a few of us tried, and it was a lot of fun just to hang out, relax, and have a nice lunch. It was one of those moments where we all looked around at each other and asked, “why don’t we spend every spring break at the lake?”

I will admit, though, that the dads need to work on their hula hooping before our next trip. We barely passed the bar of our incentive plan.

Thanks to the staff at Niffer’s for making it a lot of fun, and thanks to the other outdoor diners for putting up with us!