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The Harbor Neighborhood Tour on Lake Martin

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June 12, 2012
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June 21, 2012

The Harbor Neighborhood Tour on Lake Martin

The Harbor is a Lake Martin waterfront neighborhood tucked away on the south side of the lake, but very close to Chimney and Acapulco Rocks.  It was developed around 2000, and is a short drive for folks from the Montgomery and Auburn sides of the lake.  If you like being in the center of Lake Martin action, this neighborhood might be a good fit.

If you would like to see waterfront homes and lots for sale right now in The Harbor, CLICK HERE to go to my Harbor Neighborhood page. I have a report that shows every waterfront home and lot for sale – by all agents, all brokerages, on Lake Martin. It pulls from the Lake Martin MLS so it will be current no matter when you visit the page.

It’s basically one big slough with homes on both sides.  Lots in The Harbor vary from gently sloping to steep as you can see in the video tour below:

The Harbor is across from The Ridge Marina by water, but if you’re looking to store your boat, you might try Anchor Bay Marina a little to the west of The Harbor.  It would be a shorter drive by car, depending on the direction you’re coming from.

If you have more questions about The Harbor in general, or about a specific home for sale in The Harbor, give me a call at 334-221-5862, or CLICK HERE to contact me via email.  I can talk about and show you any waterfront home in the Lake Martin MLS, regardless of who has it listed.