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The LMVR Quadcopter: Coming to a Lake Martin Slough Near You

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The LMVR Quadcopter: Coming to a Lake Martin Slough Near You

Yes!  I bought a helicopter!  Lake Martin is a perfect place to showcase waterfront real estate from the air, so after a little research, I purchased my own helicopter so I can video my listings from all angles.

I’ve been honing my flying skills, and I finally worked up the nerve to take it to Lake Martin on Labor Day weekend.  These things are a little tricky to operate – I had to (had to!) order a flight simulator video game to get used to the feel of the controls.  And I still have a good bit of learning to do:

I already had a GoPro HERO3, so when I decided to do this, I had to do a lot of research on helicopters that could be used to carry this camera.  I found the DJI Phantom online.  Through my research I found that these are pretty easy to fly, on a relative scale.

So far I have learned two key things:

1)  Do not take it out of GPS mode without a lot more practice.  The Phantom has a mode whereby it can auto stabilize by using its GPS.  I did OK when I was in GPS mode, but when I decided to get fancy and shut the GPS off, the wind caught the quadcopter and it took off.

2)  Do not to get too high and fly into strong wind.  I just don’t think the Phantom’s motors are strong enough to battle the wind for very long.

I do, however, think that filming video from the air is going to be a great way to showcase Lake Martin waterfront real estate.  Once I get to the point where I can get usable aerial videos of Lake Martin, I think buyers and sellers will love to see this unique perspective.

If anybody out there has experience flying remote control helicopters, I’d love to meet you at the lake and learn from you.  And if you’re a waterfront home, lot or condo seller on Lake Martin and are would like your property to be the first one showcased in an aerial video tour, give me a call.  (334) 221-5862 or [email protected]

A shout out to Carlton Dean on the Scene, who is the best commercial broker in the Florida Panhandle:  You have talked a big game about your flying skills, but have yet to post a video.  Let’s see what you’ve got:)