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My Most Effective Video

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February 8, 2018
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February 20, 2018

I have been shooting video around Lake Martin since about 2008. I have found that video is a really good tool for real estate agents like myself.

Buyers love real estate video because it gives them another way to experience a property remotely. Keep in mind – only about 20% of waterfront home owners here at Lake Martin live here full time. For the other 80%, they have to travel at least a couple of hours to get here. When they walk through homes, we want to make sure they know as much as possible before they get here.

My listing videos have also received really good feedback from my sellers. They love that their properties are showcased in yet another way. Pictures are great, and I love my 3D tours. But a video can walk you through a home, or let you know where on Lake Martin the home is located. Again, this is almost priceless marketing for my sellers.

True, I am not a pro. But I have seen a big difference just with my own humble efforts.

I see a lot of chatter online sometimes about “viral videos.” There seems to be a lot of encouragement that says, “If you’re going to the trouble to make a video, make one that is really memorable so that it gets a gazillion views on Youtube. That way you will become a marketing star.”

While I wouldn’t mind a few more views here and there, that’s not really why I am making most of my real estate videos about Lake Martin. But it does beg the question – how many views are good on a video? What about a video made for a relatively small real estate market in the south? I think that 100 views is a lot for real estate video like mine.

As a matter of fact, of all the different types of videos I make, my #1 most effective video is when I film someone else’s listing – a private video. If a waterfront home is another agent’s listing, I (usually) don’t have permission to video it and promote it online on YouTube. But there are circumstances where, especially in this hot market, one of my buyers won’t have the time to come look at a home in person. They know that the home might sell fast, and they need more info than the pictures can give.

So, I will go shoot a video tour of the home and send a private link to my buyer. The video might get only 3 or 4 views, because it is not public. But those 3 or 4 views will usually sell the home.

Is there a home on the market that you would like me to video for you? Please let me know.

Are you thinking about selling your waterfront home, and wondering how I might custom craft some marketing ideas for you?

This is one of the ways I can help you find your Lake Martin home or lot!

Contact me, John Coley, call or text me at the number at the top of this page or email me here or [email protected].