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July 2020 – the Best Sales Month Ever

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July has been a really big month for waterfront home sales here at Lake Martin, Alabama. Last year in 2019, through the end of July, our entire market sold 214 homes – this includes all agents and all brokerages in the Lake Martin MLS. This year through the end of July, in the middle of all of this corona panic, we have sold 258 homes! That is a 20% increase from the prior year!

Please take a look at my above video. I am John Coley. I am a full time real estate agent with Lake Martin Voice Realty and this is my July 2020 Real Estate Market Report for Lake Martin, Alabama.

As crazy as it is with the coronavirus, murder hornets and multiple hurricanes – it is even crazier for second home sales at Lake Martin!

For the month of July, 73 waterfront residences were sold on Lake Martin. That is the best month ever! So how great was it? The previous record was July of 2019 with 55 homes sold. Last month, in June of 2020, we tied that monthly total of 55 waterfront homes sold. Therefore, in 2020 we have had two record breaking months back-to-back – June and July.

What is the five year average for the month of July? Our five year average is 36 home sales. But in 2020 we doubled that – we sold 73 in July. Any time you double up your average sales is a month to step back and admire.

What about waterfront lot sales on Lake Martin for July, 2020? In 2019 through the end of July we had sold 31 lots. So far this year we have sold 50 waterfront lots so lot sales have really taken off this year too. For the month of July, 25 lots were sold – a record for sure.

People are spending their money and their time in second home markets like Lake Martin. I realize that some industries and some regions of the country have had their businesses and livelihoods devastated by the government mandates and people panicking about the coronavirus. My heart goes out to them. I have friends in service industries like hair care, travel, and guiding that have taken huge hits because of all this. But one thing is for sure – waterfront real estate sales on Lake Martin have never been hotter. I know that agents always talk in superlatives, but this is just the way it is right now.

If you would like to reach out and talk to me, I’m John Coley with Lake Martin Voice Realty. I do this for a living – I’m a full time realtor here. This is all I do. I don’t have any other side jobs and am not smart enough to keep up with any other real estate market. I’m 100% and 12 miles deep at Lake Martin, Alabama.

I’d love to help you find or sell your Lake Martin property! Just give me a call! 334.221.5862.

Note: I also published this article on ACRE – the Alabama Center for Real Estate.