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How to Pick an Appraiser at Lake Martin Alabama

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July 15, 2021
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How to Pick an Appraiser at Lake Martin Alabama

Choosing an appraiser for the purchase of a waterfront home on Lake Martin can be a huge part of the lending process.

While a high percentage of second home buyers here purchase with cash, most end up financing a large part of the cost of the home. Any time a lender is involved, you can expect an appraisal.

Would you like some tips on choosing an appraiser for a home purchase at Lake Martin?

Full disclosure before I get started – I am a real estate agent at Lake Martin and not an appraiser. But, as someone who grew up the son of a Lake Martin appraiser, and as someone who has been selling waterfront real estate here for many years, I do have some questions I would ask about any prospective appraiser:

  • Is he or she a member of the Lake Martin Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
  • How long have they been a MLS member? Have they been through both buyer and seller markets?
  • Is the appraiser responsive to the communication of the lender? Most of the time, the lender is the only one allowed to contact the appraiser.  As fast as our market here at Lake Martin is moving right now, you can’t afford any lags in communication.

Watch my quick video above for more details!

My name is John Coley and I would love to help you buy or sell a property at Lake Martin. Feel free to text or call me at the number at the top of this page or email me [email protected] .