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Spring House Restaurant Burned, Fire Hits Lake Martin

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Spring House Restaurant Burned, Fire Hits Lake Martin

SpringHouse Restaurant at Lake Martin suffered fire damage on December 23, 2023. How badly did the fire 🔥 damage SpringHouse? When will SpringHouse open again? These are great questions.

I dropped by SpringHouse recently to check it all out for myself and shot this video. 🚒 I did not go inside. I just looked at the exterior and I was really optimistic that the damage is not all that bad. The exterior looks the same (other than tarps on top of the roof, that is). I am guessing the damage is interior and therefore more easily fixed. I did not talk to anyone at Russell Lands and I am certainly not a home inspector, just a real estate agent here at Lake Martin.

If you want more details on the restaurant, please contact owner, Russell Lands.

SpringHouse is located in Russell Crossroads, a commercial center that is a couple miles north of Lake Martin on Highway 63. Other spots at Russell Crossroads are Catherine’s Market and the Fanny Goldmine Diner.

What do you think? When will SpringHouse Restaurant reopen? I hope it’s soon!

If you need help with waterfront real estate close to Russell Crossroads and SpringHouse Restaurant, please give me a shout. I would be honored to help.