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Extreme Sea Wall Failure Part 2: Rebuilding

In the first installment of this three part series (Extreme Seawall Failure at Lake Martin), we looked at a wooden sea wall in the Jacksons Gap area that had completely failed.  Scott Henderson of Henderson & Coker Contractors in Alex City is rebuilding a new concrete seawall in its place, and he was nice enough to let me peek at the guts of this project. During the summer, when Lake Martin is at full, or nearly full pool, we only see the tops of these hugely important structures.  There’s a lot going on beneath the surface, though, and winter is the time to check it out.

A lot of folks are surprised by the cost of a new seawall, and I think this video will give you an idea of why it’s so expensive, and what’s involved: a whole lot of work, and the kind of work that is best left to the experts.  But if you do it right, like the homeowners of the wall under construction in this video, you won’t have to do it twice.

If you’re thinking about buying a waterfront home or lot on Lake Martin, it’s important to check out the condition of the existing sea wall, or get an estimate for a new sea wall.  Home inspectors do not include sea walls in the scope of their inspections, so call a professional contractor and let him check it out for you.  And, as always, you must contact Alabama Power for approval of ANY shoreline projects, including seawalls.

I’d love to help you find your Lake Martin home, so give me a call at (334) 221-5862, or click here to contact me, and let’s get to work!

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Extreme Sea Wall Failure on Lake Martin

This is a failed sea wall.  No doubt about it.  When the waters of Lake Martin are at full summer pool, structural problems like this may by hard to spot.  But when the lake level is lowered in the winter, mayhem is revealed.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that winter is a great time to work on these issues.  Henderson & Coker Contractors of Alex City have been hired to replace this failed wooden seawall with a concrete sea wall, and they’ve agreed to let me video the process.  I followed a project of theirs in 2011 where they built a new seawall around a large peninsula that had never had a seawall.  This time I thought it would be interesting to see how they deal with replacing an existing seawall.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 of this series and I bet you’ll have a new appreciation for the importance of a seawall, and the importance of a professional sea wall installation.  So much of the value of a Lake Martin waterfront property is tied to the dirt it sits on.  It pays to get it right.

While I don’t build sea walls at Lake Martin, I do sell homes.  I’d love to be your realtor, and I’d love to discuss Lake Martin real estate with you.  Give me a call at (334) 221-5862, or CLICK HERE to contact me.

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In Search of Striped Bass on Lake Martin, Part 3

In continuing my quest to catch a Lake Martin striped bass on my fly rod – on purpose – I offer this following video.  In it, guide David Hare of Alex City Guide Service gives advice to people like me who are crazy enough to try it.

I say crazy enough to try it, not because fly fishing for stripers around here is death-defying.  I say it because after I’ve seen David catch them on live bait, I’m probably a fool to try this.

David is admittedly not a fly fisherman, but he is an expert on striped bass at Lake Martin.  That’s why I figured it would be profitable for me to ask him these questions.  Hopefully they are helpful to you, too, and if you have any tips for me on fishing for striped bass in Lake Martin, or any other fresh water lake in the South for that matter, please comment below.  I would appreciate it.

Like I’ve said before, if you have any questions, please do not call me.  You will get a lot of dumb answers.  Please contact David directly at (256) 401-3089  or via their Facebook page.

If you didn’t catch Parts 1 and 2 of David’s interview, here are their links:

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Signature Coffees, MooWalla, and Paninis at 1220 Cafe in Tallassee

1220 Cafe in Tallassee may not be a waterfront bistro, but it is located on one of the gateway corridors to Lake Martin.  Tallassee natives and veterans of the restaurant industry, Pam and Noah Griggs, opened 1220 Cafe as a “fast casual” restaurant, and since I’d heard so many good things about it, I decided to check it out myself.

I was really surprised by how big it is.  They have a lot of room both inside and outside, so even if you see a lot of cars in the parking lot, they can fit you in.  In small towns you often find local places that simply reheat frozen foods from distributors, but not here. They have put a lot of thought and effort into creating foods that are fresh and unique.  Noah’s mom has even contributed the recipes for many of the homemade desserts.

My parents travel through Tallassee all the time and my mom is an avid coffee fan.  Neither she nor my dad will pass by without stopping, and the 1220 Cafe folks make them a special frozen coffee drink that is not on the menu – that’s something that doesn’t happen at a chain eatery. And, at Lake Martin you can count the number of restaurants with cool cappuccino machines on your toes, so this is definitely a special experience for this area.

Next time you’re on the south side of the lake, or driving through Tallassee on the way to the lake, check them out.  You can also find them on Facebook.

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In Search of Striped Bass on Lake Martin, Part 2

Here we talk about bait.  In any kind of fishing that I know, the first question everyone asks is, “What are they biting?”  Whether you chase trout in Townsend or bonefish in Belize, that’s what you want to know.  It is no different here for striped bass fishing on Lake Martin.

Here David Hare of Alex City Guide Service talks about exactly what kind of bait he uses to score big stripers out of Lake Martin.  First of all,  he makes it clear that in his experience, he thinks live bait is the way to consistently catch big fish.  He doesn’t use just any live bait – he throws shad, suckers, and other bait fish out there of gargantuan size.  These things are so big that I would be proud to catch them on purpose.

Because many of these bait fish are not native to Lake Martin, David often travels up to 50 miles away to cast net for them.  Once back at Lake Martin, he has an intricate system of live wells to keep them alive, fishy, and frisky for long periods of time.  Talking about this with David has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fishing that is truly a hybrid of the spotted bass fishing I did growing up and the fishing done by our salty neighbors to the south. 

Hope you enjoy this video of the David talking about the bait he uses for striper fishing on Lake Martin.  If you have any questions, please do not call me.  You will get a lot of dumb answers.  Please contact David directly at (256) 401-3089  or via their Facebook page.

If you didn’t catch the first installment of David’s interview, here it is:  In Search of Striped Bass , Part 1

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“Hey Honey! How Are You?”

Life is good in River Oaks.  Lake Martin Voice clients, Liz and Glenn, bought a waterfront home in River Oaks about a year ago, and I went by to catch up and see the improvements they’ve made.  Liz was kind enough to share why she loves River Oaks and the north lake area in general.  She especially enjoys how kind folks around here can be . . .

If you’d like to know more about River Oaks, CLICK HERE to see my River Oaks Neighborhood page.  Here you’ll find history on the development, maps, a video tour, and most importantly, a live feed from the MLS showing homes and lots currently for sale.  I have Neighborhood pages for most of the neighborhoods and areas of Lake Martin, and they are great research tools.  Look for the blue Neighborhoods button near the top of my website, right under the big picture.

If you have questions about River Oaks, or any area on Lake Martin, give me a call at (334) 221-5862, or click here to contact me.  I’d love to talk Lake Martin with you, and I’d love to help you find your lake home!

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Why Do You Want a Lake Martin Home?

I have a client who has narrowed his search down to two Lake Martin waterfront homes his family likes.  This is great!  But because this is Lake Martin real estate, deciding between the two homes is proving to be tough.  A quick MLS property search in any price range will confirm that shopping for Lake Martin homes is not like comparing apples to apples.  There are so many variables to consider, that even 2 homes next door to each other can have radically different qualities (water depth, house condition, waterfront footage, view, etc.)

It boils down to the simple question: “Why do you want a lake house?”  That sounds obvious, but really thinking about their expectations for a lake home forces buyers to make choices:  Where is the best location for them?  How will they use it?  What do they like to do at the lake? Why are they even buying one in the first place?

The video below is of Lake Martin Voice Realty clients, John and Wendy, who have just closed on their home, and had to make similar decisions.  I think they offer some great advice:

Back to my current client with a choice to make.  Our conversation goes something like this, and it is:

Buyer:  “John, what do you think?  House A or House B?”

John:  “I have been selling long enough to realize that different people have different priorities. I think House A is a good choice if you prioritize newer home construction and the location in the west side of the lake.  I like House B if you prioritize size of waterfront and length of view, or a North Lake / close to Highway 280 location.

If you are undecided about location, my advice is to ask yourself where you would like to be closer by water? Whereas House A might cost you 12 more minutes to drive from Birmingham, it might be only 7 minutes by boat from friends.  Or House B might be 15 minutes faster drive from Birmingham, but 30 minutes from friends by water, but 10 minutes to shopping and restaurants in Alex City.  You just have to ask yourself what you will be doing and how you will be spending your time.”

What about you?  What are your priorities?  Why do you want to buy a Lake Martin home?  I’d love to be your realtor and help you think about these question – whether your time frame to purchase is two months or two years.  Give me a call at (334) 221-5862 or click here to contact me. 

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Young’s Island: A Lake Martin Gateway

Young’s Island is a major landmark on the east side of Lake Martin.  I always look for it when I’m in my boat heading north from Pleasure Point toward the main river channel, and when I’m headed south from Highway 280 and Jackson’s Gap toward Chimney Rock.

There used to be a ferry – Young’s Ferry – that would take people back and forth across this channel.  That’s why there are two Young’s Ferry Roads on Lake Martin: a Young’s Ferry Road on the west side in Alex City, and one on the opposite side in Dadeville.

Having two Young’s Ferry Roads on one lake is not unusual for Lake Martin.  Since this one lake covers 3 counties, and (depending on your definition of a “city”) 0 – 5 cities, having the same name for multiple roads in very common.  For example, there are several “Lakeviews,” “Lakewoods,” “Hilltops,” “Dogwoods,” and even two “Easy” streets.  This can make searching for homes a little tricky, so be sure you understand the address you’re seeing on the Lake Martin MLS.

Or just call me.  I make it my business to know trivia like this –  that of the two homes for sale today on “Easy” streets, the one in Eclectic is on a leased lot, and the one in Alex City is deeded.   I’d love to help you find the Lake Martin property you’re searching for.  As a member of the lake MLS, I can help you with any property, regardless of the listing agent.  Give me a call (334) 221-5862, or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

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Jumping Off Chicken Rock: Live Action!!

This is for those of you who love Lake Martin, but cannot imagine  jumping off of ANY Lake Martin rock, this one’s for you.  Click on the video below and you can struggle up the rope, enjoy the view from atop Chicken Rock, and even experience the plunge to the water below – from the safety of your phone, iPad, or computer screen.

If you’re asking, “What is Chicken Rock?”  – it’s the lower of the two rocks that adventurous Lake Martin folk like to jump.  The higher one in technically Acapulco Rock, but most people call it Chimney Rock.  (Click here for the full rock-name explanation).

I bought my GoPro camera for this very video, and it does not disappoint.  See what you think:

I’m sure I’m supposed to have some kind of disclosure, like, “Lake Martin Voice Realty does not advocate jumping off rocks or any activity that might cause bodily harm,” so there you go.  I certainly want everyone to be safe on the lake.

I also fully disclose that I am a hard working real estate broker who would love your business.  Give me a call at (334) 221-5862, or email me at [email protected], and let’s get started.  I’m a member of the Lake Martin MLS, and can help you with any listing, regardless of who has it listed.

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The Original Lake Martin Paddler

Any reader of this real estate blog knows that I am way into the recent trend of paddle boarding that has hit Lake Martin. I am a proud fan of the Paddle Lake Martin fan page on Facebook and enjoyed putting on a paddle board race in June.

But I am blown away by, and supremely jealous of, Harold Banks of Dadeville.  Harold is the original Lake Martin paddler in my book. I have been reading his day by day account of paddling from Fort Toulouse (the confluence of the Tallapoosa and Coosa Rivers, aka The Alabama River) to Mobile Bay.  If you have not read this account, give yourself a treat and read these links on The Alexander City Outlook and his account in Lake Martin Living Magazine.

This amazing adventure reminded me that Mr. Banks became the first person to canoe the entire Tallapoosa River a few years ago.  The Tallapoosa is what feeds Lake Martin, and it has its origins as a humble creek in Georgia. Banks took a few weeks in 2009 and started at its Georgia headwaters, paddled through the state line into Alabama, through a few lakes including Lake Martin, all the way to Fort Toulouse near Wetumpka.  You can google “harold banks tallapoosa” for more info.  He is mentioned on the Alabama Scenic River Trail site, but if you want to read his amazing travel journal from the trip, click here.

He has really inspired me. I have been wanting for years to do that, but per his advice I will take it in chunks. I am shouting out to my fellow Paddle Lake Martin folks, let’s take down the Lake Martin leg this fall! We could start at the shoals at Jaybird Landing, then end up at the dam.  If we do it over two days, we could even camp one night!

One of these days I promise we’re going to go from Lake Wedowee to Jaybird to soak in the scenery and wildlife. But in the meantime, here’s a good article in Lake Magazine with some shorter trips!

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