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Tour of the Stillwaters Neighborhood on Lake Martin

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January 20, 2011
The Highlands at StillWaters Golf Club on Lake Martin
January 27, 2011

Tour of the Stillwaters Neighborhood on Lake Martin

Fellow Lake Martin Voice Realty agent, John Christenberry, and I shot this video tour of  Stillwaters on our way to scout a potential listing in that neighborhood.

Stillwaters is a huge development (2,000 acres or so) on the east side of Lake Martin.  The first phases were built in the 1970s.  Inside the guard gates you’ll find the public golf course, waterfront homes and condos, off-the-water homes and condos, Harbor Pointe Marina, plus neighborhood amenities like tennis courts, a pool, and playground.  Stillwaters has a Dadeville street address, and by water has a pretty central Lake Martin location.

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Since it’s January, it’s a little cloudy, but for our readers in colder country it should be refreshing to see what “winter” typically looks like in central Alabama.  We try not to wear a coat if we don’t have to.

Stillwaters is a landmark in the Blue Creek area. Since Stillwaters is on the east side of Lake Martin, this means that it is close to Auburn, Opelika, and lots of lake lovers from Georgia.

As one of the older neighborhoods on Lake Martin, Stillwaters has many different phases and little sub neighborhoods. Some of the condominium complexes are Harbor Pointe, Villas on the Harbor, Sunset Point, and Stoneview Summit.  All of these are located within Stillwaters, and have their own Home Owner Associations.

If you would like to contact the Stillwaters Residential Association directly, see their website here: Stillwaters RA.

Just like any waterfront home, lot, or condo on Lake Martin, I can help you with it, regardless of who has it listed. I would love to be your real estate agent. CLICK HERE to contact me, or you can email me (info @ lakemartinvoice . com), or you can call me at (334) 221-5862.