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Lake Martin Area is Hip to Local Honey

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August 22, 2011
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Lake Martin Area is Hip to Local Honey

Part of my job as a Lake Martin Realtor is to sell not just waterfront lake homes, but to “sell” the small towns and communities around it, too.  You know, the lifestyle.  Lake Martin is a completely rural area, and most of it’s vacationers are city/suburbia dwellers.  But that’s the beauty of it:  it’s different, and the pace is slower.

That doesn’t mean the Lake Martin area isn’t hip.

If you’re into the farm-to-table movement, for example, you’re in the right place.  I’ve been doing a series on local farms and farmer’s markets: once you start looking, they’re all over the lake area.  If you’re worried about leaving behind your Whole Foods ,or Earthfare or your produce co-op to come to the lake, this is as organic as it gets.

Enter Tony Goss and his bees.  Our family got into buying local honey this spring; there are some health benefits, but mainly I just think bees are cool.  I learned about Tony on the Forum, and he agreed to meet me and show me his hives.  He sells his honey, but that’s not really his main goal.  He does it because he enjoys it and likes to educate other lake folk about benefits of bees.

For more sources of local honey, check out Oakview Farms in Wetumpka, MainStreet Farmer’s Market or Longleaf Antique Mall in Alexander City, or call Tony at 256 749 3355.  I use Yelp to geolocate and review these spots, and you can use it to enter ones you’ve found, too!

If you don’t know, it’s my job to let you know how cool Lake Martin is.  If you do know, chime in and share fun places you’ve discovered!