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Windermere Neighborhood Tour on Lake Martin

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May 22, 2012
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Windermere Neighborhood Tour on Lake Martin

Windermere is a waterfront neighborhood on Lake Martin that was developed by Russell Lands in 1973.  On their website, Russell Lands says Windermere is “the standard by which all lakeside developments should be measured.”  Agreed.

If you would like to see waterfront homes and lots for sale right now in the Windermere area, CLICK HERE to go to my Windermere Neighborhood page.  I have a report that shows every waterfront home and lot for sale – by all agents, all brokerages, on Lake Martin. It pulls from the Lake Martin MLS so it will be current no matter when you visit the page.

Understated is a good description for Windermere.  Winding roads lead you to big, heavily wooded, flat lots.  There is a sense of both privacy and LOTS of space.  Nothing new or glitzy, even though there are high end homes here.  In April 2011, a tornado ripped right through a portion of Windermere, so the landscape in that part of the neighborhood has been temporarily altered.

Windermere, like Windover and Willow Point, has a mix of full and part time residents.  The street address for Windermere is Alexander City, so you’ll find the usual city utilities.  There is a Homeowners’ Association meeting house, but no other “amenities” other than the central lake location.

If you have questions about Windermere, or want to know about a specific home for sale in Windermere, please give me a call at 334 221 5862, or CLICK HERE to contact me via email.  I can talk about and show you any home in the Lake Martin MLS, regardless of who has it listed.