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Renew Our Rivers Cleanup Days: Nov. 8-9, 2013

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Renew Our Rivers Cleanup Days: Nov. 8-9, 2013

Renew Our Rivers 2-13Alabama Power’s Renew our Rivers annual Lake Martin cleanup days are Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th.

It’s easy to participate:

1) Contact John Thompson at (334) 323-7880,  of the Lake Martin Resource Association to learn what sites around the lake will be cleaned.


Pick up supplies at any Russell Marine Marina or the Discovery Center at Russell Crossroads starting Oct. 29th.

2) Show up

Volunteers are welcome. Bring the whole family.  Free t-shirts and prizes!

Sometimes it helps me get excited about a cause when I can see a bigger picture or greater goal.  I’m just one guy, just a realtor.  Is it really worth my time to drive to the lake to pick up a little trash?

It is.

The Lake Martin Cleanup is a part of a HUGE effort begun by Alabama Power in 2000 that now reaches across the entire Southeast.  The amount of trash and debris collected is enormous; according to the Alabama Power website, “More than 10 million pounds of trash and debris has been removed from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and northwest Florida waterways with the assistance tens of thousands of volunteers who have participated in the volunteer-led cleanups.”

That’s a lot of trash that is now out of our rivers and lakes!  As we’ve learned through the Martin Dam relicensing process, Lake Martin stakeholders are not just the waterfront property owners.  If you have visited Lake Martin for a day of boating, or work for a small business in the area, you are a stakeholder.

And kudos to Alabama Power for creating and organizing such a beneficial event.

You can check out past Renew Our Rivers events on the Renew Our Rivers YouTube page.

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