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Quadcoptering Over Emerald Shores, Lake Martin

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December 4, 2013
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Searching “Lots for Sale” on the Lake Martin MLS can be a little dull.  Sure, it’s exciting to see an awesome waterfront home that commands a spectacular view of the lake.  It’s not so easy to capture the essence of a lot in a photograph – usually you just see a lot of trees.  A lot of realtors barely bother, and I get that.  But it is frustrating to not have better info on the MLS.

There are still a few Emerald Shores watrerfront lots left for sale, and there are three in particular that I wanted to showcase today.  I took my quadcopter and my GoPro camera to these lots last week to see if it could capture images that would make these lots come to life for buyers – in a way that a still picture just can’t do.

Keep in mind that I’m still a novice pilot, and the last quadcopter video you saw from me involved a crash into a pine tree at Anchor Bay Marina.  I’ve been practicing, and I learned not to fly in the wind the  day of my wreck. When I was at Emerald Shores last week, the day started out pretty calm, but by the time I had everything ready, the wind kicked up and limited my range. So these videos are short and sweet, but crash-free.  You really can tell a lot more about a lot from the air:

MLS #13-333 Lot 34, Emerald Shores:

MLS #13-322 Lot 19, Emerald Shores:

MLS #13-320 Lot 17, Emerald Shores:

Now that the weather has cooled off and buyers are shopping for Christmas presents more than lake homes, I have a chance to reflect on the year – the real estate year, that is.  During this year’s reflection, I am pondering an exciting statistic that has to do with waterfront lots:

Sales of waterfront lots on Lake Martin almost doubled in 2013.

That is huge.  In 2011 and 2012, 39 and 38  lots were sold, respectively.  Through December 2, 2013, sixty five lots have sold.  That is dramatic.  This month I’ve been putting together research on Lake Martin lot sales and pricing, and I actually have a lot of data to sift through.  All you fellow math nerds hold tight –  I’ll make the results of this research available soon.  All that to say, lot sales are on my brain.  What do these strong sales numbers tell us about the Lake Martin real estate market as a whole?  I’ll put in my two cents shortly.

Where are all these lots that have been bought and sold?  Emerald Shores on the east side of Lake Martin is a great example.  Lake Martin Voice Realty listed 29 lots for sale in this deeded development in March of this year.  As of today, eighteen have sold, two are pending, and only nine remain.  

As I get better at piloting, I’m hoping to bring more aerial videos of waterfront property to the Lake Martin community.  Since this is predominantly a second home market, most buyers are searching for homes online.  The more quality information I can supply about a property, the better chances you have of making a great investment decision.

If you’re a buyer interested in Lake Martin real estate – lots, homes, condos, whatever – give me a call and let me work to get you the most and best information out there.

If you own waterfront property at Lake Martin, and are thinking about selling, let me put the most comprehensive marketing package together for your property, so we can match you up with the most motivated buyers.  Chances are, yours will show great by the air!

I’d love to be your Realtor.  You can reach me at (334) 221-5862 or [email protected].