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Where’s Nero’s Point at Lake Martin?

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May 10, 2023
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May 23, 2023

Do you know where Nero’s Point is at Lake Martin? Do you know how Nero’s Point got its name? I can tell you where it is located at the lake but the origin of the name will have to wait for another time.

Nero’s Point is on the southwest side of the lake – find Real Island Marina and then look south. And there you will find Nero’s Point!

Take a look at my video above for more details!

Nero’s Point is not an official neighborhood, but just the name of an area. It started out being really popular with Lake Martin fans from the Montgomery area because it is on the south side of Little Kowaliga Creek. They didn’t have to drive “all the way” around to Real Island Marina. As the years went on, Birmingham folks caught on to the area, so that is why it is a sentimental spot for a lot of people.

Because it is on the southwest side of Lake Martin, that means Nero’s Point is also close to the Trillium neighborhood by land and by water. It is also close to Kowaliga Restaurant  and Kowaliga Marina. So it is really easy for waterfront home owners in the Nero’s Point area to hop in the car or boat and grab a catfish taco and cold beer while they gas up!

If you are curious about real estate in this area – the Little Kowaliga / Real Island area of Lake Martin, let me know.