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The Funky Goat in Dadeville Alabama | A Restaurant Near Lake Martin

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Have you heard about The Funky Goat in Dadeville, Alabama, and wondered what it is all about? 

The Funky Goat in Dadeville is a restaurant that opened recently near Lake Martin. It is located on the Square in the downtown Dadeville area near the Tallapoosa County Courthouse. They serve beer along with specialty drinks. In addition to drinks, they have many fun food options to choose from. Their menu includes items such as the “Buffett Burger” and their top seller, “Hot Honey Pecan Wings.” Check out the menu on their Facebook page HERE!

Besides a great menu, The Funky Goat also has live music events that a lot of Lake Martin folks enjoy. They recently celebrated their 1st Annual Anniversary with a Crawfish Festival. This festival included many fun activities such as live music with Dixie Red, inflatables for the kids, and of course great food! There is always something fun going on at The Funky Goat!

To know more about The Funky Goat’s menu or business hours, you can visit our free Lake Martin Voice App. The app lists many restaurants, events, and fun activities that are available near Lake Martin. So stay up to date by downloading the Lake Martin Voice App now!

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