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Lake Martin Homes For Sale Near Aquapalooza

Pictures Of The Old Kowaliga Indian, Restaurant And Kowaliga Kubbard

Christmas time gives way to project time around the Coley home.  My wife started cleaning out the photo trunk on Saturday and needed my help to […]

Lake Martin Community Info Videos

Is it Chimney or Acapulco Rock?, June 2010: Getting Pizza at Chuck’s Marina, May 2010: Tour of Real Island Marina, May 2010: Tour of Kowaliga Marina, […]

Kowaliga Marina on Lake Martin: Video Tour

Kowaliga Marina is one of Lake Martin’s oldest and largest marinas.  It’s located on the south central part of Lake Martin, off of Highway 63 and […]

Winterize It, Don’t Criticize It

I have been fighting it for a month, but I have finally succumbed to winterization. My boat, of course. I had been holding out hope that […]

Kowaliga Bay Neighborhood Tour on Lake Martin

Kowaliga Bay is one of the biggest water areas on Lake Martin. It runs west to east, from the confluence of the old Little Kowaliga and […]

I Can’t Wait For Spring

It’s the little things that remind me how much I miss it, like the other day when I opened my drawer to grab my wallet and […]

More Lake Martin Paddle Board News

Sorry I haven’t posted this info, but July 4 tends to be a wee bit busy around Lake Martin. Firstly, any Lake Martin area paddle boarders please […]