Lake Martin, Alabama, has many waterfront neighborhoods.

They are spread all over its 44,000 acres and over 700 miles of shoreline.

Because Lake Martin has been developed slowly since the mid 1900s, there is a big mixture of developments and neighborhoods here.  There are many neighborhoods in the traditional sense, where you have to drive through a common entrance, and where residents might share amenities like a pool or boat ramp.

But there are also plenty of waterfront neighborhoods on Lake Martin that are only neighborhoods in the loosest sense. By that I mean, they don’t have a fancy entrance, they don’t pay Home Owner Association dues, or anything. They are really nothing more than descriptions of areas, and, like any place steeped in history, Lake Martin lovers have different names for the same spots.

The purpose of this Lake Martin Neighborhood Page and all its subsequent pages is to try and organize and describe each of the formal neighborhoods, and also tell you about the “areas” as well.

On all of these pages, for each of these Lake Martin neighborhoods, developments, or areas, we will strive to let you know:

1. Waterfront Homes and Lots for sale – Each page will have a live feed from the Lake Martin MLS that displays up to the minute, updated listing information gathered from every agent, every real estate brokerage, that is a member of our Lake Martin MLS.
2. Location – Where is it on Lake Martin? Does it have formal boundaries?
3. Amenities and Fees – Is there a pool? Is there a homeowner association that charges a fee?
4. Video Tours – My goal is to have a video tour for each of these neighborhoods, shot both from the water and the car.
5. Related Blog Posts – Lake Martin Voice was blogging before real estate blogging was cool.
6. What’s around there? – We also have tons of blog posts, pictures, and video of what is near each of these neighborhoods and areas. For example, if I have a video tour of a marina that is close, I will link it in here. I will also link in testimonials of people who have lake homes there now.

To access a Neighborhood Page,

you can click on the link below for it, or just hover your mouse over the “Neighborhoods” button at the top of the page, and a drop down box should pop up with the Neighborhoods list. Obviously, this list of Lake Martin Neighborhoods will change with time.   If you have questions about one that isn’t on our list, please CLICK HERE to contact us, or email at info @ lakemartinvoice . com, or call at 334 – 221 – 5862 .

Lake Martin Neighborhoods / Areas:

Willow Point
The Ridge
The Village
The Preserve at Stoney Ridge
The Harbor
Marina Marin
River Oaks / Baywood / Columbine
Kowaliga Bay
Little Kowaliga / Real Island
Parker Creek
Jacksons Gap
Blue Creek
North Lake
Emerald Shores
Bay Pines
Shady Bay
Pleasure Point